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Winter Maintenance Continues

Over the last few weeks the winter programme of maintenance works on our waters has continued.

At Knotford, there have been a couple of working parties to clear parts of the site in anticipation of fencing works to commence in the spring. A huge thank you to everyone who has attended, the lake is now looking much tidier.

At Shelf Dam we've had contractors on site for the last couple of days to remove some of the larger trees which were at risk of serious damage to the lake wall.

The annual Siltex programme has also began with Raskelf and Knotford benefitting. The aims of this project are to reduce the silt build up on the lake bed, improving water quality and in turn catch rates.

Over the next month we have a number of working parties scheduled. Any assistance would be much appreciated to help drive improvements across our waters.

Sunday 10th March 2024 - Raskelf Lake - burning wood and general tidy up

Sunday 17th March 2024 - Raskelf Lake - general tidy up and repairs to pegs 8 and 22

Saturday 23rd March 2024 - Shelf Dam - burning wood and general tidy up

Saturday 6th April 2024 - Knotford - clearing of new fence line and pruning of trees

Further working parties will be arranged for the following months. If there are any other venues which you would like to suggest for work, please get in touch!


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