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70 waters with an annual restocking policy of over 25 years
Founded in 1878 for local anglers, Bradford No 1 AA has developed many noted fisheries in the North of England. The association controls approximately 43 miles of rivers, 9 lakes totalling 57.7 acres and 14.25 miles of canal. The club has a membership of around 2,500. The majority of the fishing is provided for the pleasure angler, however specialist and specimen anglers can find excellent sport and personal bests at most waters. Many of the river stretches are notes as some of the best Chub and Barbel stretches in the county. An active local match scene is available with some 30 plus matches available each year, including the Calder League. There is also an aggregate weight trophy for those competing in the club 70 peg series matches, and all members matches run three golden pegs per match.
Early season
For early season river Trout angling, there are four river Wharfe and three upper Aire stretches. Trout to 5lb are also present at the Calder and middle reaches of the Aire around Bingley and Roberts Park along with a large head of Roach to maggot and stick float, with large Chub to 5lb and Pike to 11lb.
Cowthorpe, Nun Monkton on the 8.25 mile length of the River Nidd and Maunby and Asenby on the 5.75 mile length of the river Swale are particular favourites with pleasure and match anglers alike. Regular working parties on these stretches means there are always plenty of pegs available and continuous tree planting offers ideal far bank cover for the Barbel and Chub angler. Specimens running to 6lb Chub and lower double figure Barbel. Typical match weights on these lengths of around 30lb. Roach, Chub, Dace and other silver fish have been stocked and plentiful in all rivers with 10-15lb making up the winning scores on many of the framing weights. The 8 miles on the best stretches of river Calder were home to some of the biggest matches in the late 70’s. Over recent years, restocking silver fish and Barbel has brought sport back to the best it has been in 20 years. Regular nets of Roach to 20lb have been taken in both summer and winter from these stretches. A good days angling can be found with Roach, Bream and Gudgeon from any stretch with both deep slow and fast glides available for stick, waggler or feeder work. The upper Calder around Elland has produced some large runs of Grayling and Trout to all methods, and is becoming popular now with the fly anglers in the club.
Still waters
Tench and Bream are stocked in all the 9 still waters, with specimen bream from Raskelf Lake and Queen Mary’s ponds, averaging 4lb for tench and 5lb for Bream, specimens have been caught to 7lb and 10lb. Carp can be caught from all the still waters with many specimens around 20lb plus and an average of 12lb. Shelf Dam and Harold Park lake offer excellent sport for Silver fish and Carp within minutes from Bradford town centre. For the Canal angler there are five stretches available, Kirklees Cut, Whitley lock near Ferrybridge, Heck Bridge to Crow Croft Bridge, Beevers Bridge/ New Bridge and Rawcliff Bridge. Roach and Gudgeon are the main quarry here to pole or waggler.
Carp which once domainted Knotford Lagoon were complemented over the 2003 and 2004 with stocks of Bream and Roach, however for the carp angler there are specimens well into the upper 20s, plus one regular 30lb is banked monthly.
Stillwaters are open all year round (except canals). A recent rule change now allows anglers in possesion of a 2nd rod permit to fish all association waters with two rods for any species
In 2008 Night fishing permits were allowed for Kirklees and Knotford Lagoons, the number allocated are small and were issues on 1st come 1st served, all being taken in the 1st week of January.
Through the Winter seasons Raskelf, Shelf Dam, Willow Hall, KnotFord Lagoon, Kirklees Lagoon, and Gratrix Lane allow for all year round still water sport. Match returns are good for the popular rivers. Langthorpe and Roecliffe on the Ure 2 mile stretches average swims to 20 feet here the roach gather for the winter allowing possible bags of upto 10lb to pinkie on stick. Winter nets of Roach and Chub are also on offer from the deep stretches at Methley (Calder) and Kellingley plus the match length at Beale (Aire) and under the weir at Old Hee offer some fantastic and reliable sport
Good Grayling and Dace sport can be found on all reaches of the Wharfe at Boston Spa with some of resident big Barbel coming to feed aswell as some of the specimen Perch. Thornton bridge and the Calder return all year around catches.
The club has had an annual restocking programme for Coarse fish stretching back 20 years and each year new waters are acquired.
2008 / 2009 season
In 2008 the club launched night fishing at Knotford Lagoon and Kirklees Lagoon.
In 2008 the club re launched a very depleated fishery at Raskelf with mass stocking of F1, Ide, Bream, Tench, Roach - this has become the number still water, and in 2008 the match record for the lake was broken 4 times on 4 consecutive matches. A further stocking is set for 2008, with more F1, Ide, Roach and Tench ordered for this water.
We are currently working with Bradford council to stock F1 carp into Harold Park, this is in conjunction with a previous AGM proposition to reduce the junior book to 5. Similar plans are being undertaken for Willow Hall, Gratrix Lane and Shelf Dam to encourage more juniors into the club.
We also launch our online book, map and renewals service in Jan 09.

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